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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  September 14, 2011 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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fattal and shane bauer is now making bail arrangemts on a $1 million deal to set them free. the associated press is reporting a plane has been sent to iran as those arrangementes are being finalized. the plane reportedly being sent from oman. this is interesting. the plane that has been sent from oman, the same thing that we saw when sarah shourd was released. a private jet escorted her home also from oman. >> that's right. very, very similar situation. the same half a million dollars bail for sarah shourd, same half a million bail for each of the two remaining hikers. yes, we have heard from sources that a plane from oman is coming here but it hasn't been confirmed from the iranians. we haven't had word that that plane is indeed arriving. thing seem to be moving very fluidly. this case has built up momentum.
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i've spoken to the lawyer and he said arrangements are being made. that mean wire transfers are being you need iranian banks. once that money hits the banks, i think these guys will be able to go. this is moving very fluidly. we're getting a lot of information as this moves along. i think we've reached the last stage of this. i have to say this is iran. it has a very complex political system. there are factions here that don't always get along with each so something to certain here. >> do we know if the family members of josh fattal and shane bauer are at least moving in that direction? moving closer to that country in the event they are released? >> reporter: we have heard reports that they are moving closer to oman which is not very far from here, an hour and a half flight. it is a secure place, a country that has good relations both with iran and the united states. it would be a good place for them to go. especially in sarah shourd was 13 almost a year to the day. i'm sure they're waiting with
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great anticipation to see when will happen tomorrow or the day after. >> all right. live for us in tehran in what would be an incredible development after these two men thought they would be in prison in tehran for years. they could in fact for days within their family. and is president obama open to just passing portions of his jobs bill? for a second day in a row, crowds chanted as the president's latest slogan during his pitch today on the road in another key swing state. this time north carolina. but there's been a back and forth within the white house over the president's true strategy. the white house officials now stay president is ready to pass portions of the bill and continue to press congress to pass each measure. >> if congress doesn't act, if congress refuses to pass this bill, middle class families will get hit with a tax increase at the worst possible time. there are folks in congress who have been fighting pretty hard to keep tax breaks for the
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wealthiest americans. you need to tell them, they need to fight just as hard to fight middle class families. >> it's been an incredible 24 whours this back and forth over whether the president is willing to piecekneel bill. he did not refer to it earlier. what is the latest here? >> reporter: hi there. white house officials essentially say that of course the president, if congress sends him a part of the bill, won't veto that portion. he'll sign it. however, he won't be satisfied until he gets the entire thing passed. so they're saying that the two ideas are not mutually exclusive. but tamron, this trip to north carolina really comes amidst some difficult polling numbers, quite frankly, today for the president. quorgd to the latest bloomberg poll, 51% of americans say they don't believe the jobs plan will infact decrease the unemployment rate.
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we should mention there are some economist who's dispute that and say according to their forecast, they think it will decrease the unemployment rate. the poll also shows that there is just a general frustration with politicians. 72% of americans believe that the country is just headed in the wrong direction. the president really trying to harness that frustration as he travels to sell his jobs plan to the american people. he was certainly doing that today in north carolina. but there is a bit of a battle brewing here. because republicans, while they say they support some measures within the president's jobs plan including decreasing pay roll taxes, they don't agree with his plan for paying for it. so that's where we're seeing the real fight evolve here. the president making the pitch to the american people, the idea is if he can sell it to the american people, the pressure will be so great that congress will have to act. we'll see the president making a number of trips like the one he made today.
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tamron? >> all right. now let'sably the ryan grimm for the "huffington post." speaker bain her give his job speech tomorrow. i want to talk about this possible strategy with the white house pushing for passing portions of. this some within the president's base already stheeg as compromise. in their eyes, whenever the president compromises, he ends up being perceived as the loser here. >> people are predisposed to expect compromise and caving from this white house. whenever anything like this comes out, that's the frame people will see it in. but the president's position is pretty logical when you think about it. if they pass just a pay roll tax cut, on what grounds would the president go ahead and veto that? so all it is is an admission of reality. what they're saying is that if they pass little pieces of it, like say just the extension of pay roll tax cut, or just something to keep teachers employed, or just something to
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fix up schools or roads, et cetera, then yes, he'll sign that. and he'll keep pushing for more of it down the road. and at the same time, he'll keep barnstorming the country and blasting republicans for not passing the entire thing. >> let's transition to district 9. this is now turned into a national conversation. how this race played out in new york. what do you make of it? you've got republicans saying this is a sign of the future. people are still not happy with president obama and the democrats. the democrats trying to find the sunny side of this defeat. what do you make of it? >> both the macro and micro signals are pretty bad for democrats. on the macro side, if this is a referendum on the president, then that's awful bad news for them. he won it with about 55% of the vote in 2008. this time the republican won in an eight-point land slide. that a pretty dramatic shift. he can't afford that type of a
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swing in public opinion if he is going to hold on next november. on the micro side, you had disspirited labor unions in queens and brooklyn who didn't really participate and you had the working families party which is tradition lay democratic ally which was involved in a brooklyn dispute. they were not getting involved. what we've been writing about for a couple years now is that the progressive base is disspaertd. lab , dispeertd. for a couple years, that was dismissed. would you see polling that would show 90% of self-identified liberals still support the president. if all did you was look at that polling, you wouldn't have seen the erosion of the progressive base out from under obama. now, it even is showing up in polling and it showed up in that special election. >> i want to get one more topic
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in. when scott brown, people said this is a message to the obama white house that people were not happy with the direction the country was going in. now you've got elizabeth warren preparing a take on scott brown in that senate race. let me show what she said earlier. >> i know how to stand my ground. and i'll do that for the united states senate. >> obviously elizabeth warren, very popular with progressives and liberals. does she have a chance in defeating scott brown? >> she'll have, she'll probably have enough money because she has this progressive base of online donors who are looking for something to get behind. now, it will be a real question of whether a candidate like her can be a popular incumbent like scott brown. she is standing up to wall street. she is standing up to the banks. she is standing up to those, not just special interests broadly. all politicians say they are standing up to special interests and the labor unions in with bank of america, goldman sachs.
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as if those two special interests have remotely the same policy goals. she is attacking particular special interest groups, which is unusual. and she is attacking them extremely harshly. if you remember when she was fighting for creation of a consumer financial protection agency, she said, i either want a strong cfpa or i want to see a lot of teeth on the senate floor, i think was her phrase. so she said i either want it all or i want nothing. and you don't matter much from democrats the last couple years. so it will be interesting to see if that's something that rallies enough people to put her over the top. >> great having you on. a lot of topics and you were great on all of them. rachel maddow will have more on this when she talks with elizabeth warren tonight regarding her bid to take over scott brown's seat. that's tonight at 9:00 on msnbc. on to afghanistan, a 20-hour taliban assault in the capital of kabul. finally ended this morning with
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at least nine attackers killed. authorities say 11 afghan civilians and five people, officers were killed during the assault that targeted the u.s. embassy. nato headquarters and other buildings in kabul no, nato or u.s. embassy employees were hurt in this. let's get more on what happened. nbc news chief foreign correspondent richard engel is here with me. a lot of people see the headline. nato having to snep and then afghans. what do you make of this 20 hours of battling here? >> it took 20 hours to clear out this site. that was primarily because it was being led by afghan security forces. i have some clarity on these numbers. one of your editors had trouble putting it into the treatmenter. the numbers are seven different militants from the network base in the pakistan. went into a 13-story building. they climbed up on to the roof. and from this perch, they started firing down on to the
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u.s. embassy and the nato compound which is right next door. just a narrow street separating these two complexes. they didn't hurt or kill anyone in either of those two complexes but they did fire on some other areas and killed some civilians and afghan police officers. in addition to that, a unique attack. a stand-off is what happened. nato helicopters were called in. but mostly it was afghan security forces trying to fire up and drive them out of this building or kill them in the building. in addition to that long stand-off there, there was also several suicide bombers that blew up, killing five afghan police officers. >> so about the questions of the sophistication of this attack, raising questions the afghans can provide security to their country. is there nothing to that? >> i think this attack probably doesn't reveal that. because at the end of the day, you had a number of attackers. probably 11 militants in all when you include the suicide
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bombers. going into a building and carrying out a relatively effective kind of attack. firing rocket propelled grenades. beyond their effective range and shooting them at random into a very large complex that didn't end up killing anyone. it was a stand-off. it probably isn't the kind of thing reveal the afghan security forces have lost and scandal out of control. the larger question, yes, there is a real question about the afghan government and its ability to control the country. i'm not sure if the attack really reveals the depth of the problem. >> nthank you. and s.a.t. scores have dropped to the lowest level on record. are students being short-changed? we'll take a look at these important new numbers. and back lash against michele bachmann. the presidential candidate now
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defending herself over comments she made rargd controversial vaccines she said a parent told her it caused mental retardation in her child. she won't air with these comments without verifying. now hear what congresswoman bachmann is saying. plus, it is being partly blame for obesity and now farmers want to change the name of high fructose corn syrup to make it sound more healthy. will you you sugar lobbyists satisfy it is a fraud. [ male announcer ] this is lara.
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pilots deployed the evacuation chute after reports. a possible engine fire. the passenger included supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg. they slid down the chutes. firefighters found no problem with that plane. but still a very scary situation if you're a passenger and you're having to get out in an emergency. and it used to be used for everything from cereal to soft drinks. even in lunch meat. now high fructose corn syrup has become subject of a multimillion-dollar federal lawsuit. it is big corn versus big sugar, you might say with the sugar industry suing corn makers over a name change, after studies suggested corn syrup is a leading cause of obesity. the corn refiners association asked permission from the fda to actually change the name to corn sugar. now sugar companies say their product is not the same as corn syrup. and they're angry over advertisement that's are already using the name corn sugar. >> like any parent, i have
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questions about the foods my child heets eats. whether it is corn sugar or cane sugar. your body can't tell the difference. sugar is sugar. knowing that makes me feel better about what she eats. >> i'm joined now by nbc "today" show one of the best in the business. thanks for joining us. help us understand this. you saw this ad. >> which is ridiculous. the truth is that high fructose corn syrup is about 50% fructose and 50% glucose. that's what regular sugar is as well. so it is not to blame for weight gain and the obesity epidemic but it is not good. and it is more processed than regular table sugar. the bottom line is, we need to minimize the amount of sugar that we're eating from all walks of life, including table sugar and high fructose corn syrup. >> why is high fructose corn syrup used in so many things? lunch meat to soft drinks. why is it in all these products? >> because it's cheap, readily
2:19 pm
available and very practical to use. it can increase shelf life. it keeps products moist. so they stick it in everything. and it tends to be in a lot of junky foods that we overeat. so again, we can't blame our health conditions on it. but. >> we can't blame it. >> all sugar plays a role. now we know sugar can drive up the bad cholesterol and promote inflammation throughout the body so it is problematic. >> is it fair to call it corn sugar? is a rosa rose? >> well, believe it or not, it is fair to call it corn sugar because it is not so high in fructose. like i said, it is about 50/50. but to make a name change to give it sort of a healthy sounding wrap is kind of ridiculous. i think it might work for the short term. then health experts will come out and explain. corn sugar is high fructose corn syrup in disguise. a processed sugar.
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that's what it is no matter what they call it. >> thank you very much. we'll see what happens in this litigation. it is obviously separate from the nutritional information. whatever they choose to indicate, we have to watch what we put in our bodies. >> great having you on. thank you. a california appeals court has dismissed a lawsuit by a high school teacher ordered to remove banners with the word, words, "in god we trust" and "god shed his grace on thee." the teacher said he was violated when he was ordered to take them those down but the court ruled that it had little about teaching calculus. joining me now, the national syndicated talk show host who is an msnbc contributor. we're back to school and back to battling over what is appropriate. what do you think of this? >> i think the court got it right. i think the teacher went too far. i'm not one who believes that you should remove every reference to god or the creator
2:21 pm
or a supreme being from a classroom. but i think this fellow really pushed the envelope. you look at some of the footage. the vines seven feet by two feet. they're all over the classroom. it is a math class. you look at the size of the font, or the type for the word creator. it really seems like this guy was going too far and perhaps in violation of the establishment clause of the constitution. >> we're talking god. i'll play devil's advocate. what if he put up a huge dollar bill. it's a math class. and it snes god we trust box the school have a problem with a huge dollar bill with that in his classroom? >> that's a great question. and if the school did have a problem with that, then i would say shame on the school. because i think that the opinion in this court case strikes a balance of reasonableness. it wasn't just one reference or one sign. all of the wall were covered with this enormous signs.
2:22 pm
the surprise that i had was that he got away with it for the years did he without anybody complaining and making an issue of it. >> he told the principal he had the right to have patriotic messages with his views. and he shrugged off that some students would feel unwelcome in his class. >> if you were a parent, agnostic or atheist and raising your children as such, or if you were a high school student who was not a person of faith, i believe looking at those signs on all four walls, would you feel very unwelcome and very uncomfortable. that's what the court was saying. >> all right. on another hot topic out, there michael, thank you so much. a stunning new study shows, listen to this. almost half of all college women experience some type of dating abuse. most of them didn't even know that then in an abusive relationship. i'll talk to the director of a love is not abuse campaign about what's going on. plus --
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>> company like solyndra are leading the way. >> talk about then and now. that was president obama last year touting a solar company that received more than $500 million in government loans as a way to create green jobs. but the company just went bankrupt. did the government ignore warning signs that the business would run out of cash? a big hearing going on and some people are worried this could be a black eye for the obama administration. there's another way to help eliminate litter box dust: purina tidy cats. tidy cats premium line of litters now works harder on dust. and our improved formulas neutralize odors better than ever in multiple-cat homes. so it's easier to keep your house smelling just the way you want it. purina tidy cats. keep your home smelling like home. and today, we're re-inventing aspirin for pain relief.
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presidential candidate rick perry gets a major endorsement from nevada's governor. what does that mean for mitt romney? and it's cheaper than a radar detector. flashing your lights to let other people know a radar gun is nearby. police give a warning. he is going to join us. [ male announcer ] this is coach parker...
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just ahead, congresswoman michele bachmann talking about what she said over childhood vaccines hearing from the medical communicate. plus the government gives $500 million to a solar company. now the company is bankrupt. did the government ignore important red flags? and s.a.t. scores on the decline. especially in reading. what if anything does it say about the nation's schools? and the fbi now investigating a case of celebrity hacking. how did nude pictures reportedly of scarlet johannsson make it to the internet? and she is not the only celebrity. michele bachmann is backtracking about comments she made regarding hpv vaccine. the minnesota congresswoman went after rick perry during the big debate monday night and then continued her attack the next
2:31 pm
morning. here's what she said on today and then her explanation later in the evening. >> i had a mother last night come up to me here in tampa, florida, after the debate. she told me her little daughter took that vaccine, that injection. and she suffered from mental retardation there after. >> i am not a doctor. i'm not a scientist. i'm not a physician. all i was doing is reporting what this woman told me last night at the debate. parents are very busy and parents just assume that if the government says their child has to have an injection that it must be good for them. >> mark murray is the deputy political director. after the debate, before congresswoman bachmann appeared on the "today" show, she was back in the race, she picked up some steam, and then she quoted what she said was information she received from a parent about this hpv vaccine. the centers for disease control said that no reports of mental
2:32 pm
retardation side effects as a result of this vaccine. has she now put herself in another bad situation? >> i think you have it exactly right. it was a very good performance by michele bachmann at monday night's debate. she had that interview with the "today" show to capitalize on that good performance. and then comes this news about the hpv. she said that she was doing some reporting but all you need to do is puck up the phone. contact centers for disease control to find out that there is no link between hpv and mental retardation. and so it really does expose one of michele bachmann's chief weaknesses. she has the capacity to be very, very loose with the facts. >> rush limbaugh said she may have blown it. he said maybe not blown it but maybe jumped the shark today. he obviously watches happy days which is i guess where that reference came from. nonetheless when you have rush limbaugh saying she jumped the shark, that cannot be good. >> it isn't good for her. one interesting thing about rush limbaugh is how he has been
2:33 pm
defending rick perry. it was rick perry who was on the offense about the hpb. and time and time again, this was an interesting race. rush limbaugh has leaped to his defense. >> and he has a big endorsement from the governor of nevada. people are asking what does this mean for mitt romney? >> this was a fascinating development. right after tim pawlenty endorsed mitt romney earlier this week, a lot of the conventional wisdom was that the republican establishment is beginning to solidify around romney. but all of saura sudden you get endorsement from brian sandoval. an up and coming big star in the republican party and that took away some of the emerging conventional wisdom that the establishment is around mitt romney. >> thanks a lot. great pleasure having you on. in the spotlight on capitol hill, a company that has become a major embarrassment now for the white house. a house committee held a hearing tie a solar energy company. based in california.
2:34 pm
and it has gone bankrupt. last month, despite a half billion dollars in federal stimulus cash. the company was praised by president obama during a visit last year as part of his promise to create so-called millions of green jobs. mike joins us now. in addition to this embarrassment, you have people saying there were red flags. this company had some issues. >> according to the some of the e-mails, that committee is run by republicans and the house of representatives. the implication is this. the white house put pressure on the energy department to approve this loan. a half a billion dollars. an existing loan program for green energy that was started in the bush administration. but really got a huge influx of cash with president obama's stimulus. the implication is the white house put pressure on the energy department to approve that loan even though the energy department seemed to be reluctant according to the e-mails and they did it because
2:35 pm
vice president biden was due out there for a ground breaking. this this was before president obama came out there and touted the company that was on the cutting edge of technology. it declared bankruptcy last month. it has been raided by the fbi to see whether they misled the government in their representations that they made in order to get loan. 1,100 workers, tamron, were laid off. a very contentious hearing today. the department of energy officials say we were moving ahead with this. there was no undue pressure whatsoever. no red flags that were raised at the time. but earlier this year, another controversy. more government funding was approved even though it appeared solyndra, the company was in big trouble. official made the call. it was better to give them one more chance and risk millions more in taxpayer dollars. now they're bankrupt and the taxpayer will be the last person to pay back if they're ever paid back. >> and real quick. i guess jay carney had something to say about this earlier. >> jay carney on the air blaen the degrees north carolina. he said it is nothing to do with
2:36 pm
anything in terms of pressuring them or asking, simply asking whether or not the energy department on the part of the white house, whether or not that loan was going through because they wanted to schedule the vice president' trip out there. they were not trying to pressure the energy department for approval of that loan. >> all right. live at the white house for us. thanks. now to an alarming study out today. it reveals dating violence and abuse is rampant among college students. a stunning 43% of college women surveyed say they've experienced some kind of violent or abusive dating behavior, including physical, sexual, verbal, controlling, or cyber abuse. 28% of college men reported experiencing similar behavior. 22% of college women report being the victim of actual physical or sexual abuse or threats of physical violence. joining me to talk about this study, senior vice president of liz claiborne incorporated which initiated the survey by knowledge networks. she is also director of liz claiborne's love is not abuse
2:37 pm
campaign. thanks for joining us. were you surprised by these numbers? you know a lot about what's happening with abuse. >> i wish can i could tell you i was very surprised but i'm not surprised. in fact, one of the survey findings, nearly one in three women of college dating women had experienced relationship abuse at some point in her life jibes exact when i the national statistics. these are chides are not being taught in any way, shape or form, truly, what a healthy relationship is. >> why is that the case? with so much information out. there your organization, another organization, we're both involved with day one here in new york city. the information is out there. there are great people like yourself who are trying to get it to these students early. middle school, high school age. >> it is not mandated to be caught. we're working a lot of people to get it mandated to be taught in all middle and high schools. it is not being taught. and parents, it is not on their radar screen. that sounds insane to me. >> this person arrested for beating his wife.
2:38 pm
or this person allegedly slapping -- it is in the news all the time. >> it is. and parents know that they have to talk about drugs and sex and alcohol. but this is just one of those things that they're not sure they have to talk about. and when they do think they have to talk about it, they don't know what to say. that's why we at liz claiborne are working with people like love is break the cycle, another organization. and we're working, especially for the college age kids. these are people who don't have, there is a lot of resources, particularly for teens. a lot of resources for adults. very few for that age. >> to your point, a lot of the information college students receive, i got this information as well walk about date rape. a lot of information about that but not how the handle these relationships. for a lot of college women, this is the big relationship away from your parents, out of the home that you're handling in a sense on your own. >> yep. one of the shocking statistics for me, actually, was that 57% of both men and women who were in dating relationships said
2:39 pm
this abuse happened on the college campus. so that was pretty intense. and one of the things we've done is adapt a curriculum that we have for high school and we worked with various counsellors and high schools, ranging from columbia university in new york to the university of kansas, to george mason to virginia tech. we adapted our curriculum to be a curriculum for the colleges as well. we think it is important that when they do these date rape kinds. things, that they incorporate this in. >> hopefully they will follow information or the guidelines that you and other organizations help provide for them to educate young women out there and young men. great work you're doing. a new report blames bp for its catastrophic oil spill. that tops our look at stories around the news nation. today's report from a joint u.s. investigation team said british petroleum made a series of catastrophic mistakes and triggered the worst oil spill in america's history. it included poor judgment by everyone from bp executives and engineers to crew members on that rig. and casey anthony's attorney,
2:40 pm
jose baez, is going to now consult the defense of gary garrido. baez -- excuse me, baez was of course the lead attorney for casey anthony. he will be an adviser for giordano. he is the american businessman being held in aruba in question, the disappearance of his travel companion. 35-year-old robyn gardner. and walmart is investing in women. the world's largest retailer said it plans to give $100 million to nonprofit organizations that train low income women who help provide its merchandise. it will also spend $20 billion over the next five years to buy goods from female-owned businesses. an investment from walmart. some disappointing news today about s.a.t. scores. results released today by the college board shows s. tarks reading scores for the graduating class of 2000.
2:41 pm
combined scores fell to the lowest point since 1995. nbc news chief education correspondent rehema ellis joins me. i know there's some positive news. i don't like to be so negative but this is stunning information. what's the problem? >> the problem seems to be is that our kids aren't prepared. they're leaving high school not nearly as prepared to enter college as we would like them to be. this is just yet another indicator have what you have been talking about and i've been talking about for these last months and few years. the kids are not taking as rigorous courses in reading, math, and science, as we really need them to be. when they start taking these s.a.t. scores which are standardized across the country. not just your region or state them don't measure up. >> this reading stands out. we've talked a lot about education. it is about math and science. that we were behind in the world in math and science. we've become sadly accustomed to that refrain over and over. but this is reading.
2:42 pm
>> that tells you, if you don't get your reading correct, how will you get problem about what the math is all about. the reading is very critical. and they are hoping that this will be yet another wake-up call that we don't hit the snooze button on. a wake-up call to governments, to states, to superintendents to say, you've got to get more rigorous courses in there for our kids to be engaged in if we're going to have them prepared for the next level beyond high school. >> there is some positive news. that news is? >> that news is that 1.65 million kids took this test for 2011. that's up 3% from the year before. the good news is really that they have reached out to traditionally unrepresented groups. african americans, his hispanics, minority groups are taking these tests in larger numbers than ever before. >> that means they're interested in higher education. >> absolutely. and that's good. >> rehema ellis with a mixed bag from this study.
2:43 pm
still ahead, the brand new trailer for the much anticipated new twilight movie. >> if you kill her, you kill me. >> okay. more than two minutes of never before seen footage of the movie. we'll bring i some of it. [ indistinct talking on radio ] [ tires screech ] [ crying ] [ applause ] [ laughs ] [ tires screech ] [ male announcer ] your life will have to flash by even faster. autodrive brakes on the cadillac srx activate after rain is detected to help improve braking performance. we don't just make luxury cars. we make cadillacs.
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coming up, charlie rangel joins us to talk about trouble and a new york republican seat. plus, new hpv vaccine fallout. is front-runner rick perry in bed with big pharmaceutical? we're on the money trail. we're following some breaking news. these are images coming to us out of san diego where firefighters are working to rescue a person trapped under a wood canopy that collapsed on top of drivers at the border
2:47 pm
today. near san ysidro. two or three cars apparently damaged. as we understand it, firefighters are twok rescue at least one person believed to be trapped under a wood canopy that collapsed on top of at least two to three vehicles. they were trapped under this overhang. again, this is video coming in from the scene of this possible rescue attempt. we'll continue to follow this breaking news and bring you any developments out of california. also, a hacker allegedly steals nude pictures from a celebrity. now the fbi is involved. roger e-bert talks about his unexpected voice loss. and bella swan, and a baby bump in the newest twilight film trailer? let's get the scoop from the pop columnist. let's start off with the haqq in the fbi. >> there are several bebts are showing photos purportedly of scarlet johannesson taken of her completely nude. we don't have those on our
2:48 pm
website. you won't see them here. sorry to disappoint you if that's what you were waiting for. they were allegedly taken from her cell phone. if they are indeed legit, it is interesting because in january, scarlet's name did pop up in a lit of celebrities reportedly targeted in a haqq ring. the fbi is looking into this. we're hearing it and we'll have more on that. bottom line, skekeep your cloth on if you're taking maketure with your cell phone. too much risk. i don't know why people still do it. moving on to roger ebert. talking about what it was like to lose his voice. he didn't know when he began his cancer treatments that he might be rendered unable to speak. take a look. >> there was never a time when anyone told me i would never speak again. naturally, i felt awful. but i had to accept reality. i feel i'm lucky that i can
2:49 pm
still do what i love and be of some use to people. it's a waste of time feeling sorry for yourself. it doesn't change anything. you have to keep keeping on. >> if you're looking for a story about not feeling sorry for yourself about really persevering, you should watch the entire interview. i've got it up now. a movie everyone is looking forward to. it opens november 18th. breaking dawn, the first part. we finally have the trailer. the part of the scene everybody is waiting for. that's when bella is pregnant. pregnant with this half vampire spawn. we've got a clip to show you right now. >> it's impossible. the feet it is isn't compatible with your bofld tights strong. >> it's crushing you from the inside out. >> your heart will give out. >> you did this.
2:50 pm
>> there you have an early look. this is one of those films we're talking about on november 17 saying the lines are around the block. >> this is the final one? >> part one. the part one of the final movie. i believe, i haven't read -- i'm not a fan of the book series. i'll come right out and admit that. but the movies are fun to watch. even i'm excited about this one. not even as a fan of the books. >> thank you for the very latest on the scoop. be a fan on facebook. we'll be right back with a pretty interesting gut check. my doctor told me calcium is best absorbed in small continuous amounts. only one calcium supplement does that in one daily dose. citracal slow release... continuously releases calcium plus d for the efficient absorption my body needs.
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a florida man ticketed for flashing his headlights to warn other grifrs a police speed trap ahead is fighting back will eric campbell got a 115 ticket in tampa two years ago. now he's filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of thousands
2:54 pm
of other drivers, ticketed for violating the same little known law. eric campbell joins us live from tampa. thanks for your time. >> good afternoon. >> your attorney said the police misinterpreted a law that is meant to keep drivers from having strobe lights in their cars so they don't appear to be official looking or at least try to trick people that they're the police. but up that doesn't apply to what you were doing. >> correct. the statute that they're citing has to do with types of lights that are permissible on a car. the entire chapter has to do with equipment, not driver actions. if the statute says no flashing lights, that means the types of flits lights you can have on your vehicle are the flashing kind. specifically, they're saying no flashing, or the plights are permitted. turn signals, directional signals and hazard lights.
2:55 pm
the two exceptions they make are in fact designed to flash. >> in your laurkts you estimate 2,400 motorists in florida were cited for flashing their headlights between 2005 and 2010. the whole point of flashing is intended to let a speeder know that there is a police officer nearby so you're helping them break the law, right? >> well, in essence, what we're doing is we're telling motorists, or anybody that's flashing, is telling a motorist there's a hazard ahead. it doesn't say what the hazard is. >> what were you doing? what was the hazard that you were trying to let other drivers know about? >> there's a hazard to your wallet. >> a hazard to your health? >> to your wallet. >> to your wallet. >> there's a hazard to your wallet. of course. >> but they're speeding which is a hazard to other drivers. >> i am flashing my lights to everybody in general. that's the same as saying if the
2:56 pm
rush hour traffic report says watch out for police activity on road xyz, that they're somehow knowing that everybody is speeding. there is no way for me to know who is speeding. it is just a heads-up. >> you've made your case. so much so, the highway patrol has stopped issuing tickets until this is resolved. we'll see what happens. thank you so much for joining us. what does your gut tell you? should flashing your headlights to warn other drivers about police speed traps ahead be against the law? to go news cast your vote. that does it for us. longtime sm. in my heart i knew for the longest time that did not want to be a smoker. and the fact that i failed before. i think i was discouraged for a very long time. ♪ knowing that i could smoke during the first week was really important to me. [ male announcer ] chantix is a non-nicotine pill proven to help people quit smoking. [ jeff ] chantix reduced my urge to smoke,
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